First release of Roaming PBX

Today, I created the latest image that includes Ruby, pcapsipdump, Asterisk PBX, and the SILK codec. Although it is still in the alpha stage, it is ready for testing. You can download the latest image from this [link]( To flash the image onto a Raspberry Pi, follow the typical instructions: unzip the .gz file, insert the SD card, and use the Linux DD command to flash it. For a detailed guide on flashing, you can refer to [this site]( The [GIT repository with the script]( that creates RPI images has been updated. I will write a separate post with a more detailed description of it. In summary, the installer creates a minimal Raspbian image and, at the end, mounts the "delivery" folder to the target image and executes the bash script "[](" (you can find a sample of it in the GIT repository).