Creating own image for Raspberry Pi

I wanted to create image builder and cross-compile environment, so based on code of Klaus Maria Pfeiffer (his blog post), I was created following project, hosted on github:

Code works perfectly on Debian (tested with CrunchBangLinux) and Ubuntu. Install packages from script, execute ./raspbian/, and soon you'll get your IMG fine in /tmp/rpi folder.

Main milestone now is cross-compilation environment. Unfortunately, right now I have not much time, so in a middle of process, bulder requires you to do that manually:

echo \"execute all necessary commands, then type exit\"
echo \"asterisk install files located at /usr/src/asterisk\"

Update: github updated, now installation script mounts delivery folder to target raspberry pi image and executes script there. So you may start bash command there for command line prompt or create your own script. Below is image with ruby 2.0 and Asterisk PBX:

Download link, containing latest image: Standard flashing instructions: gunzip .gz file, insert SD card, flash with Linux DD command... This site for example, describing flashing procedure well.