Asterisk with silk8 and amr-nb codecs

As part of my lab-work (roaming project), compiled SILK and AMR codecs for Asterisk. Will publish instructions –- currently newly compiled codecs are on stress test. Who wants to build prior my post could try, I was use this repository:

UPDATE (March 20, 2013)

Tested SILK8 (SILK-NB) on Android (with CSIPSimple and Bria) – it don’t work well. And Bria on iPhone is super-good. Have tried both compiled by myself and Digium SILK codecs… Testing AMR-NB!

UPDATE #2 (March 21, 2013)

SILK8 are okay with Bria @ android, I had to modify codecs.conf and put following code:

maxbitrate=20000 ; Default value was 10000
dtx=false        ; Encode using discontinuous transmission mode or not. Turning this
                 ; on will save bandwidth during periods of silence at the cost of
                 ; increased computational complexity.  Off by default.

Have little issues with AMR-NB, will post update later.